I highly endorse the great training that MTI provides our mission community. We have been partnering with MTI for years.  They have outstanding trainers for all ages, great kids programs, good allotment of time to subjects, and a facility that was built with training with families in mind for 2 to 5 week stays. Our people who go through their programs give enthusiastic reviews! We see MTI’s programs as a great investment that will impact our people’s adaptation and acculturation over the years of service.
Dr. Hans Finzel, President, WorldVenture


More than 30 years ago, my wife and I attended Missionary Internship (MTI’s name then), and it had a transformational impact on our lives and ministry like nothing else. To have mentors like Virgil Newbrander, Sam Rowen, Duane Elmer, and Dwight Gradin was unprecedented. I still use many of MTI’s assessment tools today and constantly am reminded of their training model and educational philosophy. Regarding cross-cultural training, we were more impacted long-term by our Pre-Field Orientation (now called SPLICE) and PILAT experiences than all the other formal and non-formal training we have had in more than 40 years of international service combined. As a missions pastor, I made going to MTI compulsory for anyone going to the field and over the years saw more than 200 of our candidates and missionaries attend MTI’s offerings. Everyone had a positive experience.
Dr. Monroe Brewer, President, National Association of Missions Pastors, Director of Church Connections, CrossGlobal Link, International Trainer, East West Ministries, Adjunct Missions Professor, Dallas Seminary and Liberty University


Psalm 121:8: ‘The Lord will watch over your coming and your going both now and forevermore.’ When I think of the ministry of MTI, I can’t help but think of Psalm 121:8.  The life cycle of a global servant is filled with multiple transitions.  MTI is committed to providing quality practical training to equip missionary families for the many ‘comings and goings’ that they encounter.  MTI is the premiere missionary training organization in all of North America.   They are dedicated to fulfill their mandate through a highly relational ministry model that speaks directly to the ‘heart’ of the missionary family.   They are passionate about caring for the ‘souls’ of the men, women and children that come through their doors.  Their ministry continues to play a significant role in the cross-cultural training and debriefing of missionary families.  I thank God for the impact they are making in our ever changing world of missions.
Perry Bradford, Executive Director, Barnabas International


For over thirty years The Navigators have sent cross-cultural workers to MTI. Veteran Navigator staff report that MTI’s SPLICE program was the key for their family’s bonding and adjustment in their adopted countries and that the PILAT program equipped them to learn language ‘on the streets’ in the context of personal relationships. Three years ago we chose MTI as the exclusive pre-field training organization for all of our newly appointed missionaries. We believe that MTI provides the best possible foundation for serving cross-culturally. Today our new missionaries are coming out with high praise for MTI. As one twenty-three year-old young man put it, ‘Everyone should attend MTI!’
Mike Rodgers, Director of International Mobilization, The Navigators


One of the last things our missionaries do before leaving for the field is attend one or more of MTI’s programs. We then ask them about the experience. The answers are uniformly positive. In fact, they usually thank us for ‘making’ them attend and tell us it’s one of the best things they could have done in preparation for going. For over twenty years now, MTI has helped our people adjust to living in a different culture, and has helped them last on the field.
Bob Osborne, Executive Director, World Harvest Mission


It is Campus Crusade for Christ’s pleasure to partner with Mission Training International. Their unique training in preparation to serve outside of a person’s first culture has helped equip our staff members around the world. Also, their commitment to the missionary on the field is extraordinary. I’m grateful for how they help us care for our staff.
Steve Douglass, President, Cru


We at PIONEERS look to MTI to set the standard for effective cross-cultural and language acquisition training for missionaries. I thank God for the significant difference MTI’s training makes in the lives of our members. MTI’s new training center will assure all of us in the missions community that this quality training will be available to future generations of missionaries.
Steve Richardson, President, PIONEERS