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Learn How to Guide Personal Debriefing and Renewal

Prepare your own Heart to Debrief Others

Gain Skills for Helping Weary Messengers

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A key dynamic of CODAR was the wonderful facilitators. I couldn’t imagine more knowledgeable and caring people to walk along side and to have overflow into our lives. They set a tone of care and openness.
CODAR Alumnus

CODAR is becoming a part of the culture of our mission and has been received well by missionaries. Thanks for the training, one of the best ministry development seminars we’ve attended.
CODAR Alumnus

CODAR brought home the value and important role of personal debriefing in my involvement in Member Care for my agency. As a result of the impact of CODAR my desire and vision is to encourage and provide ongoing debriefing of all missionaries at every stage of ministry.
CODAR Alumnus

Sandy Smith’s presentation and encouragement to ‘remember the kids’ was the motivation to revamp our furlough retreat program to include major program offerings for the Missionary Kids.
CODAR Alumnus

On a personal level, we went not knowing that we would be experiencing a debrief of ourselves as part of the training. It was very timely. We had just come through a very difficult and painful experience so we came away with a lot of personal healing.
CODAR Alumnus


Topics covered include:

  • Preparing your heart as a facilitator to debrief others
  • Creating a safe environment and relationship
  • Eliciting the stories and experiences of others
  • Validating skills
  • Normalizing skills
  • Spiritual renewal skills for those who are weary warriors

Effective debriefing and personal renewal are integral elements in long-term health in cross-cultural workers and their families—and not just for those who have experienced extreme trauma. Many times cross-cultural workers go through difficult transitions when returning to their country of origin.

Feelings of disillusionment, frustration, isolation, and lack of understanding are far too common, and without a safe place to process those feelings, these essential Gospel workers will either become less effective or drop out of missions all together.

George & Connie Blake head up the team of CODAR facilitators. They are former missionaries to the Philippines and currently serve as the directors of the DAR program as well.

They are joined by Dr. John Powell, the co-founder of the Mental Health and Missions Conference and one of the fathers of the missions member care movement. Ruth Ann Graybill, consultant to numerous mission agencies on both normal and crisis debriefing is also a key member of the CODAR team. The team is completed by Dr. Steve Sweatman, currently serving as President of Mission Training International.