Compass Pre-Field Training

The Compass pre-field training is a 4-week program that prepares missionaries for longevity and success on the mission field. This training focuses on practical overseas skills, language acquisition, and personal vitality amid cross-cultural challenges. Compass has been designed for families and individuals heading into long-term missions. Compass caters to the needs of our participants by having field-experienced staff and a building created for both family bonding and personal reflection.
Anyone heading into cross-cultural ministry (2 years or more) should consider Compass. It will provide foundational training in effectiveness, endurance, and enjoyment in your calling by focusing on language acquisition, cultural training, team dynamics, and a plethora of other concepts. We focus on the issues that will “make-or-break” you as a cross-cultural messenger of the Gospel that have been identified by listening to hundreds of messengers returning from their work abroad, the impact nationals say we are having overseas, and expert consensus.

Compass creates space for each group to form its own unique characteristics and allows space to have safe, vulnerable, and engaged communities. It utilizes methods that engage the mind, heart, and body to ensure a memorable experience. It instills hope and confidence to a cross-cultural journey of unfamiliar terrain and orients both your attitude and character in a direction that will have a lasting impact.

Here are some of the key components of the Compass program:

1. Language Acquisition: The program will help you prepare to become proficient in a new language, You will develop the skills, methods, techniques, and attitudes necessary to learn another language by practicing more than 30 techniques. You will develop a fresh new perspective on how languages are best learned and taught how to take the driver’s seat you’re your own learning.

2. Cultural Awareness and Acquisition: This program will help you suspend judgement and remain open to new cultural ways while retaining your sense of mission and morals. You will be challenged to constantly exit your world and enter those of your teammates, kids, spouse, and the nationals you will be serving.

3. Personal Growth: Compass will give you an opportunity to grow in your relationships, first with God and then with those around you. It will challenge your ability to stop and get your bearings, by showcasing the importance of slowing and practicing the sabbath.

Throughout your cross-cultural ministry, all family members – including children – will face significant changes and challenges. MTI understands the unique issues that kids face and we’re ready to equip your entire family for your calling. Our Children’s Intercultural Program (CHIPs) is meant to help during this process.

While parents attend Compass, CHIPs objectives parallel the adult ones. This creates natural talking points and allowing families to continue the learning process together outside the classroom.

We encourage you to attend Compass 2-6 months before your overseas departure. We find that if your training is too close to your departure, your mind will be distracted with logistics and your souls too unsettled for this program to reach its full potential. If your training is too far away from your departure date, you may not be as motivated to retain your learning.

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May 8 – June 3, 2023
June 26 – July 22, 2023 NURSERY FULL
August 28 – September 23, 2023
October 16 – November 11, 2023
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Compass is very interactive and community building. It was very personal, focusing on families and singles, hands on simulations, and not just talking about Sabbath, but doing it!

Compass Alumnus

This program has completely reconfigured my approach to language learning. I’m taking ownership of it!

Compass Alumnus

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