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ICLL 2019

Theme: Encourage One Another

March 24-28, 2019

Estes Park, Colorado

Registration will begin at 4 pm on Sunday, March 24th, followed by dinner and the opening session.The final session will be completed before noon on Thursday, March 28th. All meals and lodging are included in the price of the conference.

The theme “Encourage One Another” focuses on learner-trainers and the roles that learners can play in pushing each other forward on this journey.   This theme highlights how language learning is always a communal process, depending on the contributions of others, even while we still acknowledge our individual responsibility for our learning.

The following are possible topics for presentation, related to this theme. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the Call for Presentations. 

  • Share one of the great passages related to this idea that is applicable to our ICLL community directly and to the language learners we serve.
  • Language development, much like our growth in holiness, is such an individual process that looks different for everyone.   Yet both processes benefit greatly from accountability.   What kinds of accountability for hitting development targets is helpful or even possible?   Accountability is always a tough balance of giving grace yet upholding a standard.
  • How can we, as members of cross-cultural teams, encourage each other in the learning process?  How can we create spaces (including attitudes) for language practice – with each other and with others – that are shame-free and inspiring? 
  • Compare/contrast independent learning vs collaborative learning concepts, to discover the generative power of encouragement in the enlistive learning process.  Many of us are good at the former, to a competitive and diminishing fault, and we often neglect the latter.
  • Consider how encouraging one another – as teams, coaches, peers, etc. – fosters motivation.
  • “Love thy neighbor”; the power of encouragement in our cross-cultural witness.  How might the encouragements our language learners give and receive put the gospel on display – both in justice and truth, yet also in love and grace

Some other topics which we believe people might benefit from hearing about

    • How can we engage more organizations in supporting language learners?
    • How do you help someone manage growth in two languages simultaneously?
    • As Christians we tend to focus on the heart, the spirit, and sometimes the body. How should Christians use what we know about the brain? 
    • What is really working well in your organization?
  • What new technologies are you using or hoping to use as you train language learners?  What are the spiritual and ethical implications of these technologies?

2019 Rates

Registration Double Room  $ 649
Registration Single Room  $ 829

* Single room reservations are for one person only.


My thinking has been challenged about how we orient our language learners to the task of language acquisition.  What we say can either send them out to the ‘job’ of language study or to the ‘joy’ of building relationships cross-culturally.
ICLL Attendee

I am returning to my assignment with so many great ideas to share and creative ways to encourage the people I serve.  Also appreciate awareness of resources and opportunities for training that I hadn’t had before.
ICLL Attendee

Getting input from other regions of the world was tremendously helpful – a fresh global perspective.
ICLL Attendee

As a worker, it was such a blessing to be reminded that my performance is not enough. Only God’s grace is enough. Also, the spiritual emphasis throughout was such a good motivator for the language coaching job.
ICLL Attendee

For the first time ever, I have had a chance to be around others who are involved in the same thing I am—helping others learn language to be better equipped.  It’s given me affirmation and encouragement.
ICLL Attendee


ICLL is a triennial event that brings together from all over the world:

  • Christian language coaches
  • Language teachers
  • Language school administrators
  • Pre-field trainers in language acquisition skills and techniques
  • On-field trainers in language acquisition skills and techniques
  • Linguists
  • Academicians
  • College professors

Together we gain perspective, share concerns and get updated on what is currently happening in the field of language learning.

Those responsible to support others in language learning greatly benefit by face-to-face conferencing with like-minded colleagues in other organizations.

What are the unique issues that are facing language professionals who serve in the world of missions? How can we learn from each other so that we can serve language learners more effectively? These questions are at the heart of ICLL every year.

Building on our collective experience and knowledge we explore the latest research, trends and tools in the field of language learning.

For those who are new to the arena of supporting language learners, ICLL offers beginning level workshops. Many of the advanced level presentations are also presented in ways that are accessible.

The Research & Resource Fair is an interactive venue for sharing relevant research and ministry resources. The fair showcases organizational resources, literary reviews, and presentations of research. Share your valuable knowledge and organizational connections with the ICLL community!

The International Congress on Language Learning will be held at beautiful The YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center, right next to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The YMCA is within driving distance of Denver.

View Video from ICLL8, held in 2013.

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