Kids In Family Member Care (KnF CODAR)

What is Kids In Family CODAR?

Learn How to Facilitate Debriefing of Children at Differing Developmental Stages

Grow in Understanding Story Development in Children

Prepare Your Heart to Debrief Third Culture/Ministry Kids

Gain Skills for Debriefing

Learn and Share Tools and Strategies for Facilitating Healthy Debriefing of Children

December 7-12, 2020 – Palmer Lake, Colorado
$1,325 per person

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Kids In Family CODAR 12/7/2020 – 12/12/2020

Please sign up on the Kids In Family CODAR Interest Waitlist, if unable to attend in December. We will notify you when the next Kids In Family CODAR is scheduled.


Sandy Smith’s presentation and encouragement to ‘remember the kids’ was the motivation to revamp our furlough retreat program to include major program offerings for the Missionary Kids.
CODAR Alumnus


Facilitating Story looks so different when working with a three year old vs. an eight year old vs. a teen. An understanding of Processing and Memory Development is necessary to establish realistic expectations for both the facilitator and the child.

Skills Training will include:

  • Creating the Safe Heart Children need to debrief
  • Listening skills
  • Asking Facilitating Questions to guide the process
  • Development of your own “tool box” for debriefing

Various Tools do different jobs from eliciting story to processing deep loss. Selected tools will be introduced and demonstrated.