Mental Health and Missions Conference (MHM)

November 18-21, 2021

New Conference Location -- Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center, Pottsboro, Texas

What is MHM?

 Focus on Unique Issues Facing Mental Health Professionals Serving in the World of Missions

Mutual Encouragement

Professional Development

Intellectually Stimulating

Personally Refreshing

2021 Theme: Collaboration: Doing Together What None Can Do Alone

November 18-21, 2021

Presenters Plenary Sessions
John DeKruyter  
Kevin Hamp, Grace Shim, & Paweena (Ying) Woothitha  The Risks and Challenges of Collaboration: Is It Worth It?
Stan Haegert, Frauke Schaefer & Robert Watson Pooling Our Strengths: MedSend’s Longevity Project for Medical Missionary Thrival
Tim Hibma: 
Cornerstone Counseling Foundation
Tumaini Counselling Centre
Olive Tree Counseling Center
Panel: What Hinders Missionaries (including Missionary Therapists) from Flourishing: The View from Four On-field Member Care Counseling Agencies
Andrew Brown  
Presenters Workshops
Kimberly Drage Organizations, Missionary Well-Being & Covid-19
Tim Friesen Creating Communities of Hope through Development of Sustainable Child Trauma Recovery Programs
Alex Galloway Interagency and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Five Years of Learnings in Málaga, Spain
Stan Haegert, Frauke Schaefer & Robert Watson Working It Out: Unpacking Real-Life Collaborative Efforts
Brenda Jank A Rest That Works: Equipping Mission Teams to Thrive and Flourish
Kenyon Knapp & Mark Saunders Counselor Education Nationally & Mental Health Worldwide: Implications for the Mental Health of Missionaries
Aaron McLaughlin, Stephen Allison, & David Mosher Fueling Collaborative Efforts: A Review of Research, Practical Tools, and Areas for Growth in Serving Missionaries and Third Culture Individuals
David Nicholson Collaboration Training in the Digital Age
Grace Shim, Kevin Hamp, & Ying Woothitha “Downloading and Uploading”: A Counseling Center’s Journey Towards Greater Interdependence and Collaboration
Lisa Sinclair Healthy Sexuality: God’s Good Design for Us
Lisa Sinclair Race and Missions: Unity in Diversity
Justin Smith Always Together, Always Alone: TCK Therapists
Tim Smith Experiences with Collaboration in Addressing Trauma at a Greek Refugee Camp
Tim Smith Mental Health of Expatriates Who Did Not Complete a Cross-Cultural Assignment
Ingo Tophoven Church and Mental Health Ministries – Opportunities and Pitfalls
Bob Watson Practicing Lament: A Biblical, Communal Response to Disorientation, Moral Injury, Pain, and Loss
Dale Wayman Contextual Clues in Cultures: Understanding High and Low Context Cultures

2021 Rates

Double Room (per person)  $ 698
Single Room *  $ 823

* Single room reservations are for one person only.

** Early Bird Registration is a $50 discount prior to October 1, 2021



The affirmation and encouragement of my calling to care for missionaries, learning better ways to do it, and being a part of a like-minded community is exceptionally valuable.
MHM Attendee

I got to gather information, had stimulating thoughts, and left with ideas for implementation; all of this while still feeling recharged. Thanks!
MHM Attendee

It is so great to have time to network and interact face-to-face with colleagues, and also hear personal stories related to theoretical concepts. On top of that, I learned practical ways to connect experience/training with opportunities for service.
MHM Attendee

I enjoyed networking and the excellent integration of mental health issues, spiritual issues, and missionary stressors and how to resolve and heal, assess and prevent.
MHM Attendee

This conference is the one to go to if you are interested in taking care of God’s people and getting help to do it! There’s networking (with time to build the relationships), competent speakers, and countless resources available. All of this and there is still a main focus on taking care of your heart through worship, encouragement, and time to rest!
MHM Attendee


MHM is meant for counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and any other mental health providers. Such individuals will find this conference relationally rich and professionally invigorating. Although member care personnel and leaders from mission agencies are welcome, please recognize that presenters will be targeting mental health practitioners.

What are the unique issues that are facing mental health professionals who serve in the world of missions? How can we learn from each other so that we can serve cross-cultural workers more effectively? These questions are at the heart of the Mental Health & Missions (MHM) conference every year.

The new location for the Mental Health and Missions conference is Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center in Pottsboro, Texas! Please take a look at the new venue and join us at the conference!

Tanglewood Resort is  approximately 1 1/2 hours from DFW and Dallas Love Field airports, and limited shuttles are available at designated times on the first and last days of the conference.

Registration is open at 2:30 pm on Thursday. Dinner is available between 4:30 and 6:30pm and the opening session begins at 6:30pm. On Sunday, the last session ends by 11am. 

The Research & Resource Fair is an interactive venue for sharing relevant research and ministry resources. Held Friday night, the fair showcases 20-30 organizational resources, literary reviews, and presentations of research. Share your valuable knowledge and organizational connections with the MHM community! To participate, please fill out a Research and Resource Fair form.

The conference vision and direction rests on the shoulders of a team of program coordinators from various organizations. As a part of their role, these coordinators choose each year’s theme and presentations. Additionally, Mission Training International serves as conference host–providing administrative and logistical support.
The program coordinators are:

  • Tim Hibma, M.S.W.
  • Karen Carr, Ph.D.
  • Kristy Fujiura, Psy.D.
  • Andrew Brown, M.A.
  • Elizabeth Loewer, M.A.
  • Charlie Schaefer, Ph.D.