Debriefing and Renewal (DAR)

Offered for a period of 6-days or 10-days, this program helps missionaries in transition reflect on their experiences, interpret them, and experience personal renewal as they move forward. It has been created for routine debriefing for those on home assignment, experiencing life changes, and dealing with the implications of cross-cultural life and ministry. It is not a curative program and is not meant for psychological counseling. DAR caters to the needs of our participants by having field-experienced staff and a building created for both family bonding and personal reflection.

The 6-day DAR has been the standard format for DAR since its inception. Increasingly, we are hearing from our participants that they would have liked more time for debriefing. Therefore, we are piloting several 10-day DARs in 2023. It is important to note that the content will essentially be the same, so don’t feel like you will be “missing” something by choosing the 6-day program.  The 10-day DAR will allow the opportunity to go deeper using the same material, have more time devoted to grief, loss, and transition, and will have more family debriefing time. It will also include more free time over the weekend for the Sabbath and fun activities in the area.

Throughout your cross-cultural ministry, all family members – including children – will face significant changes and challenges as you return to your passport culture. MTI understands the unique issues that kids face and we’re ready to walk beside you in this transition. Our Children’s Intercultural Programs (CHIPs) is meant to help during this process.

While parents attend DAR, CHIPs objectives parallel the adult ones. This creates natural talking points and allows families to continue the learning process together outside the classroom. We value the full participation of entire families in the debriefing process. For this reason, we require family members to attend DAR together. If you believe extenuating circumstances prevent your family from fulfilling this requirement, please contact our office before registering for a program.

PLEASE NOTE: MTI does not have a specialized program for young adults who are in transition. If your family has children who have graduated from high school, please contact for information about alternative programs designed specifically for young adults!

The DAR program is designed for those who have been fully engaged in another culture for at least 24 months, not short-term workers. We strongly urge you to enter a DAR program 4-6 weeks after your return from the field; however, you can benefit from a DAR program even if you’ve been back for a much longer time.

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“I loved the fact that DAR is focused on recognizing where I am and dealing with it in a godly and healthy way! This program was vital for me and a lot of soul searching has been done.”

DAR Alumnus

“DAR has really helped me and my family. Each experience helped relieve our stress. We felt seen and heard by the staff and were refreshed in our walk with God.”

DAR Alumnus

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