Debriefing & Renewal (DAR)

What is DAR?

DAR stands for “Debriefing and Renewal.” Offered for a period of 7-days or 10-days, this program helps missionaries in transition reflect on their experiences, interpret them, and experience personal renewal as they move forward. We serve all ages in our DAR program to help your whole family in the debriefing and renewal process.

DAR CHIPs (Children’s Intercultural Programs) 

Your entire family has served in cross-cultural ministry. Your whole family—including children, no matter their ages—will face significant changes and challenges as you return to your passport culture. MTI understands the unique issues that kids face and we’re ready to walk beside you in this transition. 

While parents attend DAR, CHIPs objectives parallel the DAR objectives. This creates natural talking points and allows families to continue the learning process together outside the classroom. 

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Benefits of DAR:

DAR is for routine debriefing for home assignment, life changes, and dealing with the implications of cross-cultural life and ministry. The DAR Program offers personal debriefing times, which is not the same as counseling for trauma or complicated situations. We are not a curative program nor do we have psychological counseling. We are an opportunity to pause and reflect on your journey in a safe environment with facilitators who have been there and care. Please contact for more information.

The DAR (Debriefing and Renewal) program is designed for cross-cultural workers, singles and families, who are home from the mission field to the U.S. for a short home leave, a longer stay, or perhaps indefinitely.

DAR is meant for those who have fully engaged with another culture for at least 1 year. It is meant for those who have experienced all the pains and joys of adjusting to another culture and language, providing an opportunity to reflect back and unpack how living overseas has impacted them.  It is not designed for short-term workers who have been on the field for less than 1 year.

We strongly urge you to enter a DAR program 4-6 weeks after your return from the field. This will give you a short adjustment period that will maximize your DAR experience. You can, however, benefit from a DAR program even if you’ve been back for a much longer time.

Each kind of debriefing will likely complement the other. DAR is designed to create a safe, confidential environment where you can process your private experiences, thoughts and feelings first – setting the stage for relational, team, and organizational debriefing.

Our experience is that about half of what people reflect upon at DAR – such as personal or marital issues, team dynamics, authority issues, and private joys and struggles – would not be openly or readily shared with anyone from their agency until they have first processed their raw reactions. Relational, team, and organization debriefing (as accomplished by your mission agency) is a vital aspect of your ongoing vitality and development, but without personal debriefing it can become an exercise in administrative trivia.

Your personal health and your vision for the future could be affected without proper personal debriefing. The missions culture tends to minimize or deny the insidious impact of high levels of prolonged adjustment and many threatened or actual traumas (even those considered minor).

Without being able to put your finger on the cause, you may feel disjointed and unable to assimilate all the things you’ve experienced, as well as the ways in which you’ve changed. This fog has a way of clouding decisions and hindering personal renewal—and can lead to everything from major depression to vocational floundering or even family disintegration if not processed.

When kids acquire a variety of cross-cultural and re-entry experiences that are too hard to explain to others who have never “been there,” they often shut down or lock up relationally. Although this is also true of adults, it can be especially paralyzing or confusing for kids. Debriefing with other kids who have “been there,” along with CHIPs facilitators who put names to common reactions, often liberates and unlocks the child’s positive outlook on life and the sense of being loved and cared for by God.

When a family has children who have graduated from high school, we consider them to be young adults. MTI does not have a specialized program for young adults who are in transition. It is so much better for them to debrief with others their age! Please contact for information about alternative programs designed especially for young adults!

Members of the same family, sharing the same experiences, can have very different internal reactions, and the hectic pace of life in cross-cultural ministry often drowns out the exploration and valuing of each family member’s perspective.  For this reason, the CHIPs-DAR curriculum is parallel in nature, providing shared concepts and language that family members can utilize to integrate their individual experiences.  In addition, evenings are free of programmed activity so that families can relax and discuss their individual and collective experiences.

MTI highly values the full participation of entire families in the debriefing process.  For this reason, we require family members (parents and any children who have not yet graduated high school) to attend DAR together.  If you believe extenuating circumstances prevent your family from fulfilling this requirement, please contact our office before registering for a program.

DAR employs staff that have significant cross-cultural experience and are willing to be vulnerable about the paradoxes of cross-cultural ministry and re-entry – the gory and the glory stories.

DAR provides an environment that can have a lasting impact on your effectiveness, endurance and personal vitality.

DAR uses the MTI facility that was designed for family bonding, personal reflection and relaxation.

What Others Say:

I loved the fact that DAR is focused on recognizing where I am and dealing with it in a godly and healthy way! This program was vital for me and a lot of soul searching has been done.

DAR Alumnus

DAR has really helped me and my family. Each experience helped relieve our stress. We felt seen and heard by the staff and were refreshed in our walk with God.

DAR Alumnus

Rates (2022):

Adult $998
Nursery $244
2-3 years old $344
4-6 years old $435
7-12 years old $538
13-17 years old $620

Rates include tuition, materials, housing and food. Deposit is $150 per adult.

Once your deposit payment has been processed and your application approved, you will receive an invoice for your outstanding balance. DAR prices for children are based on their age at the start of the program.

DAR 2023 Schedule

February 13-18, 2023
February 27-March 4, 2023
April 3-12, 2023 (10-day)
May 1-6, 2023
June 5-10, 2023
June 19-24, 2023
July 24- August 2, 2023 (10-day)
August 14-23, 2023 (10-day)
September 25-30, 2023
October 9-14, 2023
November 13-18, 2023
November 27-December 2, 2023