Debriefing & Renewal: Children’s Program (CHIPs)

What is CHIPs DAR?

Your entire family has served in cross-cultural ministry. Your whole family—including children, no matter their ages—will face significant changes and challenges as you return to your passport culture. MTI understands the unique issues that kids face and we’re ready to walk beside you in this transition.

While parents attend DAR, CHIPs objectives parallel the DAR objectives. This creates natural talking points and allowing families to continue the learning process together in the evening.

Gives Kids & Teens Language to Express their Experiences

When kids return from cross-cultural experiences that are too hard to explain to others who have never “been there,” they often shut down or lock up relationally. Although this is also true of adults, it can be especially paralyzing or confusing for kids. Learning with other kids who have “been there,” along with CHIPs facilitators who put names to common reactions, often liberates and unlocks the child’s positive outlook on life and the sense of being loved and cared for by God.

What Others Say:

CHIPs was absolutely tremendous to our children’s experience and has given them a whole new integrated way to look at living as returned missionary kids in the USA. Our kids did a mini-reentry session at our church, but CHIPs has expanded on that helped them with the all-essential application. I would definitely recommend CHIPs to other families.

CHIPs Parent Alumnus

I went through the CHIPs program and learned that I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK). CHIPs helped me to understand what it means to live in one culture and be ‘from’ another.

CHIPs Alumnus

Age Appropriate

Our certified CHIPs teachers facilitate the program in five different age-clusters, maximizing the effectiveness for each age group. Age groupings may be adjusted per program according to the needs of the children coming to DAR:

Nursery (6-week-olds through 1 year-olds)

While parents participate in training sessions, loving, experienced caregivers establish a warm and stable environment for the 6-week-olds through 1-year-olds. Parents can be called readily as needed or, in coordination with adult training staff, infants can spend some time with their parents during the adult training. (For the health and welfare of infants, we request that they be at least 6-weeks-old before attending DAR.)

Beginnings (2 and 3 year olds)

Toddlers will have an opportunity to debrief through age-appropriate play and activities. Books, crafts and objects with memory triggers will be used to help them process what they experienced living overseas. The program includes napping facilities.

Discovery (4 to 6 year olds)

This age group will have made connections with the people and culture in which their families have served. Activities and crafts will help facilitate processing their experiences and feelings. Each child will be given specific time to share their unique story.

Breakthrough (7 to 12 year olds)

Breakthrough kids are experiencing and beginning to put together their own unique story. They are seeking to be heard and to find others who have had similar experiences. Daily modules will facilitate their stories within frame works of make and break issues that TCKs face in transition.

Teens (13 year olds to High School Graduation)

For teens, the transition from one culture to another is complex. They are grieving losses, wrestling with their identity and seeking to find their own place to fit. The goal of the week is to provide a safe place to process where they are in their journey and to validate their experiences and feelings. The modules are designed to help teens process their experiences, relationships, and feelings within complex transitions.

No Program for Young Adult Children (Those who have completed High School)

MTI does not have a specialized program for young adults exiting high school. It is much better for them to debrief with others their age! Please contact for information on alternative programs designed especially for young adults!