Philosophy of Personal Debriefing in Context of Groups

and Whole Family Community

April 17-22, 2023

To be held at

Mission Training International

421 Hwy 105

Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Cost: $1,810/person
(includes room, board, tuition, and materials)

Learn and Experience the Foundational Elements of Effective Debriefing

  • Fundamentals of debriefing
  • Deep impact of debriefing in groups, family, and community
  • Experience in debriefing your own story
  • Preparing your heart as a facilitator
  • Active listening and the art of the question
  • Debriefing for all ages and families
  • Purposeful renewal for weary warriors

Foundation of Debriefing Beliefs

  • Everyone has a story. Everyone longs to tell their story. Everyone needs to tell their story.
  • We have seen God’s healing power when people are seen, heard, understood and cared for.
  • Story needs to be processed in the affective domain. We know a person’s story impacts heart and soul.
  • Effective debriefing and personal renewal are integral in long-term health in cross-cultural messengers and their families.
  • We believe in the ministry of safe harbor. God has called us to this as a community for families and individuals.

Vital for Health in Long-term Cross-cultural Workers

  • The high stresses, losses, cultural transitions and intense ministry of cross-cultural messengers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ make the effective debriefing and personal renewal integral elements in long-term health in cross-cultural workers and their families.
  • We believe that personal debriefing is a vital process needed on a regular basis for all those on home assignment, transitioning to new fields or roles, and transitioning back to their passport culture.
  • Adults and children alike are impacted by cross-cultural ministry life. Families processing within an understanding community are able to see each other beyond their own stories and strengthen family relationships.
  • Feelings of disillusionment, frustration, isolation, lack of understanding, and relational deterioration are far too common. Without a safe place to process, these essential Gospel workers will either become less effective or drop out of ministry all together.