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Plenary 1
Celebrating 40 Years of the Mental Health and Missions Conference: A Look Behind, Around, and Ahead
Karen Carr & Nancy Crawford


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Plenary 2
Common Practices of Those Who Flourish: Don’t Go It Alone
Steve Sweatman

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Plenary 3
Clinical Model for Wholistic Member Care – A Multi-Modal Approach
Alex Galloway

Clinical Model Powerpoint

Plenary 4
What Missionaries Share About How They Became Resilient: Three Key Supportive Relationships
Geoff Whiteman

Resilient Missionary Link

Plenary 5
Faith, Floundering & Flourishing
Duncan Westwood

Jesus Calms the Storm Handout

Workshop 1 & 3
Predictable Factors in Flourishing: Evident in 27 Years’ Holistic, Group, Residential Programs
Lois Dodds

Predictable Factors

Flourishing or Floundering Powerpoint

Workshop 1
What We Can Learn from the Fragile State Index and Other Measures in Placing and Supporting Missionaries
Philip Nelson & Nancy Crawford

Fragile State Index Power point

Workshop 1
Healing the Medical Soul: Helping Healthcare Professionals Who Serve Cross-Culturally to Flourish
Stan Haegert, Charlie Schaefer, & Frauke Schaefer

Healing the Medical Soul Handout

Final Publication Pearce SICPT – 1

Workshop 1
Putting on the Lens of Life and Leader Development
Amy Galloway

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Workshop 2
What Hinders Missionaries (Including Missionary Therapists) from Flourishing: The View from Four On-Field Member Care Counseling Agencies
Tim Hibma & Panel

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Workshop 2
Help–I’m a Licensed Counselor in a Member Care World!
Mark Burkholder

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Workshop 2
Group Intervention for the Treatment of Trauma-Related Experiences
David Lane

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Workshop 2
Fostering Wellness: A Data-Driven Exploration of Ministry-Specific Sources of Satisfaction and Stress
Wanda Malcolm, Beth Anne Fisher

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Workshop 3
Applying the Wholistic Member Care Model: Exploring, Experiencing and Integrating Coaching, Healing Prayer and Spiritual Direction in the Care of Missionaries
Alex Galloway

Applying the Wholistic Member Care Model Powerpoint

Rooms of the Heart

Breath Prayer Exercise

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Workshop 3
Compassion Fatigue: Is It the Cost of Caring?
Jill Dodge & Judyann Gallego-Leonard


References for Compassion Fatigue

Workshop 3
God’s Wounded Servants: Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse
Deborah Byler

God’s Wounded Servants

Workshop 4
Flourishing: Sharing God’s Ministry of Comfort to Us with Others
Ruth Van Reken

Flourishing: Sharing God’s Ministry of Comfort with Others Powerpoint

Flourishing Handout

Tips for Helping MKs/TCKs

Workshop 4
Perspective Stress Training – A Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer Case Study
Leonard Cerny & Don Allen

Perspective Powerpoint

Perspective Handout

Workshop 4
A Model of Member Care: A Wholistic Approach to Member Health
Ned McGrady & Marlene McGrady

Model of Member Care

Model of Member Care Powerpoint

Workshop 4
Return to Palau: Missionary Trauma and the Pathway to Recovery
Ann Hamel

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