Parent Information – DAR

On the first day of the program, there is an essential open house in the afternoon and then a brief orientation that begins during the evening meal. 

  • You and your children will be able to meet the trainers.
  • The age groupings and type of learning activities will depend on the number, ages, and individual needs of the children present.
  • The nursery program includes active developmental learning and play, as well as napping facilities. Experienced nursery caregivers establish a warm and stable environment. Parents can be called readily as needed.
  • Further information regarding schedule, a program overview, and care provisions will be given during the orientation Tuesday morning and in initial session times.

Please be sure that you bring along the following items:

  1. Pictures of family, friends, and scenes from your country – to share stories on the first couple days. These can be printed or digital files. 
  2. Bible (for older children who can read).
  3. Clothes appropriate for outside play, hiking, and activities.
  4. Jacket and sweaters.  Mountain nights are cool, even in the summer.
  5. Tennis shoes that can get dirty (and boots in the winter).
  6. Extra space in your luggage to take home notebooks, crafts, and souvenirs from the program.