Pre-Field – Children’s Intercultural Programs (CHIPs)

What is CHIPs - COMPASS?

Training for the Whole Family

Addresses Unique Issues Faced by Children and Teens

Learning Parallels COMPASS

Effective Training for Each Age Group



MTI is dedicated to fulfill their mandate through a highly relational ministry model that speaks directly to the ‘heart’ of the missionary family.   They are passionate about caring for the ‘souls’ of the men, women and children that come through their doors.
Perry Bradford, Executive Director, Barnabas International

I went through the CHIPs program and learned that I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK). CHIPs helped me to understand what it means to live in one culture and be ‘from’ another. I found that it’s okay if I don’t fully understand the culture of my parents. My culture is my culture and it is a combination of my parent’s culture and the culture where I have grown up.
CHIPs Alumnus

The CHIPs team gave us more ideas, resources and insights of our children. The program was wonderful, giving both the kids and us vocabulary to identify feelings.
COMPASS Parent Alumnus


Your entire family has been called to serve in cross-cultural ministry. Whether they will work directly in ministry or not, your whole family—including children, no matter their ages—will face significant changes and challenges as you work for the cause of the Gospel in new cultures. MTI understands the unique issues that kids face and we’re ready to equip your entire family for your calling.

While parents attend COMPASS, CHIPs objectives parallel the COMPASS objectives. This creates natural talking points and allowing families to continue the learning process together in the evening…all while having fun!

Our certified CHIPs teachers facilitate the program in five different age-clusters, maximizing the effectiveness for each age group:

Nursery – 6-week-olds through 1 year-olds

While parents participate in training sessions, loving, experienced caregivers establish a warm and stable environment for the 6-week-olds through 1-year-olds. Parents can be called readily as needed or, in coordination with adult training staff, infants can spend some time with their parents during the adult training. (For the health and welfare of infants, we request that they be at least 6-weeks-old before attending Compass.)

New Beginnings – 2 and 3 year-olds

Enjoy the security and freedom to develop and grow in language and observation skills. The program includes age-appropriate active learning and play as well as napping facilities.

Discovery – 4 to 6 year-olds

This age group is so busy discovering the excitement of the world around them. Through interactive play and exploration, children participate in cross-cultural exercises and develop skills to grow as their own world grows larger.

Breakthrough – 7 to 12 year-olds

Breakthrough kids are experiencing their unique identity. Here they learn specific strategies for overcoming fear, understanding who they are becoming as third-culture kids, developing new friendships, and learning a new language.

Teens on Target – 13-18 year-olds

For teens, the transition from one culture to another is complex, yet exciting. Teens on Target is designed to help develop confident teenagers with skills and motivation to build friendships overseas, learn a new language, and appreciate cultural differences.

When kids embark on cross-cultural experiences that are too hard to explain to others who have never “been there,” they often shut down or lock up relationally. Although this is also true of adults, it can be especially paralyzing or confusing for kids. Learning with other kids who have “been there,” along with CHIPs facilitators who put names to common reactions, often liberates and unlocks the child’s positive outlook on life and the sense of being loved and cared for by God.

For 60 years, Mission Training International has been helping parents prepare their children for what lies ahead. Kids ask a million questions. Why are we going? Why us? What will it really be like? Will I like it? Who will be my new friends? Will I still fit in? How will I talk when I don’t know the language? What can I bring with me when we go? There’s days I don’t want to go… is that OK?  Is it OK to ask these questions again?

CHIPs will help you find answers to these and other typical behavioral responses from kids. Our goal is to empower parents to value their kids’ questions and internal world, responding in ways that will keep the family close and unified. After all, perhaps the brightest beacon of witness in any culture is a family in which Christ’s love, grace, and forgiveness is readily evident.