On-site Programs


Anyone heading into long-term cross-cultural ministry (2 years or more) should consider Compass as necessary training that is foundational for effectiveness, endurance and enjoyment in your calling.

Are you heading into the great unknown of cross-cultural work on a mission for God? Do you, and your family, know you’ll be navigating the tricky terrain of learning a new language?

Then it’s time for Compass to equip you with the indispensable tools you’ll need on the journey, as well as develop the attitudes necessary to reach your destination.

Debriefing & Renewal (DAR)

DAR is for routine debriefing for home assignment, life changes, and dealing with the implications of cross-cultural life and ministry.

The DAR Program offers personal debriefing times, which is not the same as counseling for trauma or complicated situations. We are not a curative program nor do we have psychological counseling. We are an opportunity to pause and reflect on your journey in a safe environment with facilitators who have been there and care.