Room and Amenities at The Hideaway

Living Accommodations at The Hideaway (Some DARs): 22 guest rooms with private baths. The Hideaway rooms are flexible to the size of each family. (Families with 1-3 children may have 1 room.) (Singles may have to share.)

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Towels and Bedding: Provided, but you may want your favorite pillow.

Pack ’n Plays: Available for your child’s use, if needed.

Internet Access: Wireless is available in the common areas of the building.

Computer and Printer: Available for your use.

Fax: May be sent or received, for a fee, at the reception desk.

Notary Publics: Available for participants at MTI.

Washers and Dryers: Washing machines are $3.00 per load (Cash only at The Hideaway). Note: Liquid laundry detergent only.

Iron and Ironing Board: Available in the laundry room.

Microwave and Refrigerator: Located in the community area.

Highchairs and Booster Seats: Available in the dining room.

Hair Dryers: Available in rooms.