Room and Amenities at MTI

Living Accommodations at MTI: 28 guest rooms with private baths. Our facility is flexible to the size of each family and the number of people attending the program. We have adjoining rooms for larger families.

Towels and Bedding: Both are provided.

Pack ’n Plays: Available for you if needed.

Internet Access: Wi-Fi is available in the common areas of the building.

Computer and Printer: Available for your use.

Fax: May be sent or received at the reception desk.

Notary Public: Available for participants.

Washers and Dryers: Available for your use while at MTI.

Iron and Ironing Board: Available in the laundry room.

Microwave and Refrigerator: Located in the community area.

Highchairs and Booster Seats: Available in the dining room.

Hair Dryers: Available in all rooms.