Transportation / Shuttle Information

Free shuttle service is provided by MTI if you fly into the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) only. Please note that you will need to provide your own transportation if your arrival/departure is outside of our shuttle schedule, if you are flying into or out of Denver International Airport (DEN), or if you have delays. As you make your travel plans, please be aware of the following parameters:

For Compass:
Schedule your flight to arrive at the Colorado Springs Airport  before 1:00 PM on Monday, the first day of the program. Our MTI courtesy shuttle runs from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Monday only.
Schedule your departure flights for 11:00 AM or later on Saturday, the last day of the program.

For DAR and Kids In Family CODAR:
Schedule your flight to arrive in Colorado Springs from 1:00 – 3:00 PM on Monday, the first day of the program. Our MTI courtesy shuttle runs from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Monday only.
Please plan your departure flights on Saturday from Colorado Springs Airport for 2:00 PM or later; flights from Denver International Airport for 3:30 PM or later.

The MTI shuttle will be parked across from the baggage claim area in the Shuttle/Taxi parking lane at the Colorado Springs Airport. If you experience flight delays, call MTI at (800) 896-3710 or (719) 487-0111 to keep us informed.

If your arrival or departure does not fall within these parameters or you choose to arrive at Denver International Airport (DEN), your transportation options include:

Rental car: Drive yourself to the training site. For more information on rental cars, click here. (If you need to return the rental car to the COS airport on arrival day and need to catch our complimentary shuttle, please do so before 2 pm. Please include the information on your travel form.)

Optional Commercial Shuttle: From Denver Airport or Colorado Springs Airport
You may choose to arrange for a commercial shuttle to the Monument Park ‘n Ride or the MTI training site. MTI can help to arrange for your pick-up from the Monument Park ‘n Ride.

• Groome Transportation (pickups & drop-offs at the Monument Park ‘n Ride) / (719) 687-3456 /

Taxi/Uber: Because of the distance from the airports, this is a very pricy option.

Greyhound Bus Terminal: We do offer shuttle service from the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Colorado Springs as well. Please let us know when you register if you need this service.