What to Bring

NO Pets are allowed due to health and safety regulations.

Climate Information: The elevation in Palmer Lake is 7,225 feet above sea level. Drinking plenty of water is important as you get used to the altitude. Colorado summer temperatures range from 75-90° throughout the day and cool to about 30-40° in the evening. Winter temperatures range from 0-60° with snow possible at any time. The fall and spring season will have both summer and winter ranges.

Dress: Casual with layers; Colorado’s weather can change dramatically and suddenly.

Shoes or Boots: Suitably comfortable for hiking and/or walking.

Bible:  An essential ingredient for your time with us.

Other Considerations

Lotion and Chap Stick: Useful for dry skin since the humidity is usually extremely low.

Sun Screen/SPF 30: Colorado averages 300 days of sun each year, even when we have snow on the ground. Our higher altitude increases the need for sun screen.

Reusable Water Bottle: Drink lots of water to prevent altitude sickness.

Child Monitor: MTI has monitors available for use but bring your own if you prefer.

Car Seat / Booster Seat: MTI has car seats and booster available for trips and transporting to and from the airport. For your information, Colorado requires a car seat or booster seat for children under 7 years and weighing less than 70 pounds.

Exercise Items: MTI does not have exercise equipment. Consider bringing packable items for indoor exercise or come prepared for outdoor exercise. MTI is close to a walking/running path. There is also a nearby YMCA, Fitness Center, and Gym.

Vehicle: An MTI minivan is often available for shared community use and is limited to the local area of Palmer Lake & Monument.  This locale includes grocery stores, pharmacies, Wal-Mart, and restaurants. For the consideration of the whole community we are unable to offer extended distance and time use for touring/travelling to Colorado Springs or Denver.

Books/Games/Computers:  Free and play time is incorporated into our programs.  We have some indoor & outdoor games, books, puzzles, and board games, available for your use, but feel free to bring your own.