What to Bring

NO Pets are allowed due to health and safety regulations.

Climate Information: The elevation in Palmer Lake is 7,225 feet above sea level. Drinking plenty of water is important as you get used to the altitude! Colorado summer temperatures range from 75-90° throughout the day and cool to about 30-40° in the evening. Winter temperatures range from 0-60° with snow possible at any time. The fall and spring season will have both summer and winter ranges. As a result, we recommend that you bring clothing that you can layer.

Dress: Casual with layers; Colorado’s weather can change suddenly!

Shoes or Boots: Suitable for hiking and something comfortable for walking around inside.

Slippers: For safety reasons, MTI requires that shoes be worn in common areas at all times. If you want to be more comfortable, feel free to bring slippers to wear around the building.

Liquid Laundry Detergent: There is a laundry room available (liquid detergent only). There is a cost for personal use. Note for one week DAR program: Laundry detergent is provided.

Shampoo/Toiletries: Please provide your own if you are coming to Compass. (Only bar soap is provided). Note for the one week DAR program: Small shampoo bottles and bar soap are provided, but feel free to bring your own.

Sun Screen/SPF 30: Colorado averages 300 days of sun each year, even when we have snow on the ground. Our higher altitude increases the need for sun screen.

Lotion and Chap Stick: Needed for dry skin since the humidity is usually extremely low.

Reusable Water Bottle: Drink lots of water!

Bible:  and your favorite pen.

Prayer Cards: Exchange with others.

Future Address: Have available so your new friends can keep in touch.

Musical Instrument: Consider bringing one for informal worship.

Vehicle: There is one MTI minivan available for the community to share in the Palmer Lake/Monument area ONLY. It cannot be used for sightseeing in Colorado Springs or Denver. Please keep track of mileage to pay for use.

Books/Games/Computers:  There are indoor activities in the game room, a small library, puzzles, board games, and some outdoor activities available. Feel free to bring a favorite game to share!

Favorite Toys: Your child may want something familiar to play with in your room.

Favorite Blanket and Pillow: Bedding/Towels are provided and washed by housekeeping. Pack’n Plays, sheets, and blankets are also provided in the nursery and guest rooms.

Child Monitor: Consider this so you can leave your child napping in his/her own crib after lunch and take him/her to the nursery when he/she awakens. (MTI has some monitors available, if needed.)

Child Utensils: Though we have baby spoons in the nursery, and child trays for meals, the kitchen does not provide small plastic silverware. Please bring whatever you might need for your little one(s).

Car Seat / Booster Seat: For your information, Colorado requires a car seat or booster seat for children under 7 years and weighing less than 70 pounds. MTI is happy to bring a car seat or booster seat for your child to the airport upon request.

Bicycles: If you choose to bring a bicycle, it cannot be brought or stored inside our facility.

Exercise Items: MTI does not have exercise equipment. Consider bringing packable items for indoor exercise or come prepared for outdoor exercise. MTI is close to a walking/running path. There is also a nearby YMCA, Fitness Center, and Gym.

Note about Shopping: MTI is only a few minutes away from a grocery store, pharmacy, and Wal-Mart.